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Alien is one of the classes the player can get.

This class specialises in energy manipulation to use as skills and is good long range

Class Skills

Level: 15 Key: Z Type: ranged Name: Energy Beam

Shoots a beam of energy that has medium range 1.21x ranged damage

Level: 30 Key: X Type: ranged Name: Energy Bullet

Shoots a ball of energy it has very long range 1.85x ranged damage

Level: 60 Key: C Type: ranged Name: Energy Blasts

Shoot multiple smaller balls of energy that have very long range and slowly depletes your stamina 0.42x ranged damage

Level: 90 Key: V Type: melee Name: Energy Assault

Moves you to where you aim and does a punch where it lands it has medium range 4.28x melee damage

Level: 140 Key: B Type: ranged Name: Full Power Energy Beam

Shoot a big beam of energy that has long range 4.94x ranged damage

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